All FT8 mode QSOs are confirmed via LoTW after each operating period. This is because FT8 makes an FT8 log. Of course you can send for any FT8 QSL direct as with all other modes.


---Direct: 1 current IRC, SAE with correct Canadian postage, or 1 US dollar for US or Canada, 3 US dollars for DX. Our first class international postage rate went up to $2.50 on April 1, 2014. Please enclose an SAE. Do not request e-QSLs.

Correct first class postage after April 1, 2014 is $1.00 inside Canada, $1.20 to the USA and $2.50 international.

QSL via bureau is OK. I QSL 100% very quickly but the bureaus may take a while. Our outgoing bureau is fast but how fast is your bureau? If you want the card quickly it is better to QSL direct.


I received a box of 450 QSLs from the bureau on 10 January 2011. I sent the completed cards to the outgoing bureau on 20 January 2011. So if your cards are late arriving, it is delays in the bureaus or the mail that are responsible!

I sent another 600+ out in 2013 and am working on 400 in April 2014 so you should have yours by now or its on its way.


---I request QSLs in the same manner as I expect to receive them. The correct postage will be affixed to the envelope as is standard practice all over the world, NOT put in loose where they may be overlooked or fall to the floor unnoticed. Or I may send US dollars or IRCs if they are on hand. If it is a major DX-pedition I may donate. QSL instructions tied to donations are ignored unless donation-free options are also given.

I follow QSL manager instructions when they are given on their page or home page. Some no longer take postage stamps as they have other arrangements with their post offices. I prefer and use OQRS when it is an option and LoTW as well.



If you want a card from an operation where I have used a different call than those listed above, I will make a label to apply to my VE7IG QSL, if I have the log. I do have all logs for VE7IG and my own operations as VE8RG going back to 1962. After 1965 someone else had VE8RG and I don't have logs for him.

QSLs for the 2010 VG7AAW operation during Antarctic Activity Week will be labels fixed to the regular VA7AAW QSLs.

eQSLs and LoTW

---No QSLs via eQSL. This method of QSLing is only accepted by a small number of awards. eQSL and LoTW are not options for my island operations because RSGB IOTA does not accept eQSLs or LoTW. Also the island logs are pen and paper and will not be copied into electronic form. I do not have enough battery power to operate a computer as well as a radio on these trips and am not going to type all the logs into a computer after the island expedition. That said, if anyone does want a QSL from me for a specific QSO for an award that accepts LotW you can send me the particulars of the QSO in an email and I will make an electronic file of that QSO and upload it into LoTW. This only applies to LoTW confirmations for VE7IG, VE7IG/1, VA7AAW and VE1DXA, no other portable operations as they are not entered in LOTW.

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