Old Photographs-- or, the way it used to be!

Inside the PWA beacon station at Bathurst Inlet, NWT, 1962. I used the National receiver in the centre of the photo (an auxilliary station receiver) with a home brew 100w 20/40 m cw transceiver and a Zepp antenna during the spring of 1962. Ron, (VE7XR), had a Viking Ranger transmitter and a HQ129X receiver which we used when he was at the station. When he went out on leave he took his equipment out with him because in those days we didn't know if we would be posted back to Bathurst Inlet or to Contwoyto Lake.

Bathurst Inlet, NWT, as it looked summer 1962. Catholic mission church on the left, PWA beacon station in the centre and part of the Hudson's Bay Company trading post on the right. The pole beside the unpainted shed was about 30 feet of pipe holding a home brew 20m quad which does not show up in the picture. Ron and I put it up. We had a constant running war with the Innuit in the village who used long wire antennas to bring in weak radio stations on their transistor radios. When we went on the air we blasted them so mostly we were only on during the daytime.

Left to right-- Father Louis Menez of the Catholic Mission, Ed one of the non-ham operators, and myself, spring 1962. You can see the Hudson's Bay Company house on the far right. Two of the weather station antennas are visible in the photo.

Ron, (VE7XR), at Bathurst Inlet, NWT, 1962.

Operating VE8RG at Contwoyto Lake, NWT, 1962-1965.

VE8RG Station equipment--Hallicrafter HT37, SR150 transceiver, Drake 2B receiver, home brew 3-1000Z amp.--located in shed outside main weather station building.

4 el homebrew 20m monoband yagi at VE8RG

Contwoyto Lake, NWT, Weather/Beacon station as it appeared in the winter of 1962. The staff at the station maintained an omnidirectional beacon and did hourly weathers and synos every 6 hours. This station was operated on a Federal Govt. charter by PWA (Pacific Western Airlines). Karl, VE8JJ's beam is visible behind the station.

Ivan Thomas(SK), VK2NJ, ex VE8WT (ex VK0IT of Wilkes Base (1963), Antarctica and Macquarie Island (1960)) at Contwoyto Lake, circa 1964 showing the weather station. That is the low frequency beacon (WO) on the sand esker at the upper right. Later the beacon flat-top antenna was replaced by a 190 foot tower.

Ron, (VE7XR) doing a weather observation at the Stevenson Screen at Contwoyto Lake.

Dale Green, VE8AA, at Contwoyto Lake, circa 1964 (now VE7SV)

Karl,VE8JJ, Smokey the station dog, Reg,VE8RG (VE7IG), Christmas at Contwoyto, 1963.

Karl Gamper, VE8JJ,VE7PY(SK) at Contwoyto Lake circa 1963.

Reg installing Karl's 2 element Hygain 40m beam--1965.

Dallas Hinton,now VE7FKH, at the controls of the air-radio station at Contwoyto Lake, 1965

Clockwise-- Dieter Stuebing, Reg, Ivan Thomas(SK) playing 3 hand Hearts in the dead of the night---1965

Jack and Bessie Kaoluk at Contwoyto Lake, circa 1967, with an unknown operator (unknown to me that is). I knew Jack and Bessie well, they lived at the east Camp on the east end of Contwoyto Lake.

Ron Kaye's VE7XR/8 setup at Contwoyto Lake, NWT, circa 1975 --located in main station building.

The boys at the station, Spring 1972 during my second period at Contwoyto. Karl and Reg in center, Tim on left and Brian on the right.

VE8RG operating PJ5MF October of 1963 during West Indies DXpedition. Drake 2B receiver, Hallicrafters SR-150 transceiver, wire antennas. The TA33jr beam was too long a box to take with me to PJ5 though I had it at VP2V.

VE7IG/VE8 at Boomerang Lake, NWT, near Pine Point. Driving Nodwell tracked vehicle summer 1966. Hallicrafters SR-160 setup in trailer with 14AVQ mounted on other end of trailer.

VE7IG operating VU2REG, 1970-1971 in New Delhi. Yaesu FTDX100 transceiver with external VFO built from an extra internal VFO, Heathkit SB200 linear amplifier, Hygain 14AVQ and 80m inverted V.

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