Antarctic Bases and Expeditions

This is a collection of QSLs from Antarctic bases and expeditions I have been working and collecting for many years. The oldest card is from a QSO with VP8DG in 1961 when my call was VE7ASY. Some were worked from the Canadian Arctic as VE8RG and one was worked when I was in India as VU2REG and in Brunei as VS5RG. As VE8RG many KC4 bases and ships were worked but several didn't QSL. Some cards were obtained many years later. Many were impossible to obtain and are missing from the collection.

Each page has been organized according to nationality with mainly the WAP Antarctic award system as a guide. So far no Antarctic QSOs have been made with bases of Sweden or Uruguay so these will not have links until if and when one of those bases is worked and the QSL received.

Some of the special event stations were worked during the WAP Antarctic Activity Week using my Antarctic Activity week callsign VA7AAW. If I didn't also work them using VE7IG, the VA7AAW cards are shown in the special events gallery.

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Multinational Ships Sub-Antarctic Spec. Events

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